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Odd Friends – Part Three

The creature eyes something strange - Odd Friends by Kira Bang-Olsson

One day, on one of their seemingly endless walks in the forest, the creature eyes something strange. A smaller being, though larger than the rabbit, yes maybe the size of a tree stump, is walking along the trail between the large trees. A peculiar being, unlike anything he has seen before.
The creature decides to follow. The rabbit notices little, but being busy with God only knows what he follows too.They follow - Odd Friends by Kira Bang-Olsson

They follow the tree-stump-sized being for quite a while. By now the rabbit has also noticed the scent of something unfamiliar. The strangeness of the situation has them unsettled, they try to be as quiet as the forest allows while hiding in between trees and larger vegetation. The suspense is palpable.

This. This is life - Odd Friends by Kira Bang-Olsson

Whether she has been walking for minutes or hours, the little girl is not aware of. This world is new to her. So many strange noises, unfamiliar colours, scents, plants. The little girl feels her little body fill with intense impressions. A bird in the top of a tree, a rattling in the leaves, a rustling in the bushes behind her. This. This is life, she thinks to herself.Suddenly a dark shadow covers her own - Odd Friends by Kira Bang-Olsson

Suddenly a dark shadow covers her own, bringing a cool sensation in the summer night. She turns around..