Odd Friends Part Eight – The End

I think it’s time for me to go home. The girl looks sad. So does the creature, but then again, he really always does.

Thank you for the adventure, whispers the girl, as they reach the end of the forest. Come back soon, friend, the creature says and touches her hair gently..


What an adventure.

Finally returned to the dark and cold house she calls home, the girl notices that the house doesn’t feel so very different from the forest. Dark and damp, with unknown things hiding in the dark, the only real difference is that the house has walls.Coming home - Odd Friends by Kira Bang-OlssonIt feels comforting to return, now that she knows there is a place where she actually fits in. That there’s somebody out there feeling just like she does. That the world is larger and more exciting than what is between the dark, dank walls of the house.Goodnight - Odd Friends by Kira Bang-Olsson

At night, lying in her good, old, dusty bed, she looks to the stars on the dark sky and falls asleep.


In a another place, in a small clearing in the forest, below the same starry sky lie the creature and the rabbit. The creature cannot sleep. He keeps wondering and pondering. His small mind is filled with impressions and thoughts. And loss.

Why must I be alone, when I’ve finally found someone like me.

Why - Odd Friends by Kira Bang-OlssonThe end

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