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Odd Friends Part Six

The creature grabs on to dry roots protruding from the walls of the cave, holds the girl’s scarf tight and begins to climb upwards. The girl, with the rabbit in her arms, feels the cold sweat on her forehead slowly disappear as soon as they start moving towards the light that must be somewhere far, far above them.

Climbing into freedom - Odd Friends by Kira Bang-Olsson

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The climb seems to last forever. The air is still, and apart from the sound of dry dirt crumbling and falling into the eerie gloom below there is no sound; all they can hear is the heavy breathing of the creature climbing the dirt walls.

Finally, the light is breaking through. The climb ends where the fall began, and everything is now shrouded in a morning mist.

Freedom at last - Odd Friends by Kira Bang-Olsson

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Thank goodness, that you saved us, the girl says finally having the courage to speak with her full voice again. Heaving for air, the rabbit lies flat on the moist ground trying to regain strength after being squished in the firm grip of the girl.


Almost crawling through the forest - Odd Friends by Kira Bang-Olsson

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Almost crawling through the forest, the fright only just loosening its grip of the three odd friends; everything returning to normal.

None of the three want to mention or question the unknown they met below ground.

You think you know something, but you really never do, ponders the girl silently. Her worldview having been dislocated.


They reach a lake in the dusk. Silent ripples break the otherwise still surface of the tar-like water.
It’s beautifully tranquil here, they agree in low voices, not wanting to disturb the peace. They stand still by the water’s edge for a while.

Inky ridges - Odd Friends by Kira Bang-Olsson

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Low splashes. The quiet is disturbed by dark shadows coming out of the water. Inky ridges appear from the water. Eyes can be seen in the dusk.

You’re finally here, almost whispering, layered voices seem to come from the obscure beings. We’ve waited for you for so long.


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Odd Friends – Part Four

The Meeting - Odd Friends by Kira Bang-Olsson

They look each other up and down. The girl tilts her head to the side and ponders over the creature in front of her. It is nothing like anything she has seen in her books. Big and furry. Oddly cut like a huge egg. Sad eyes. Unusually short arms.. You’re a peculiar shape, says the little girl at the creature. Well, so are you, replies the creature. True that, agrees the little girl.

They both look to the rabbit, and silently agree that the rabbit looks no different from what you would expect a rabbit to.


After a good nights sleep in the fresh air of the night, the three strangers begin to stir amidst unknown flowers and sounds. Both the creature and the girl awake with butterflies in their stomachs – the creature is too curious to feel sad.

The girl leaps to her feet, excited for a new day. So you live here in the forest. You must be forest creatures. I’ve read about these beings that live in the forest, giants, do you know of them? Are they real? Speaking quickly and almost out of breath, the girls’ eyes widen.

The creature and the rabbit eye each other, hesitantly. They are, the creature concedes. The rabbit shrugs. Can we see them? The girl enthusiastically asks.

Fear fills the furry tummy of the creature: Then we would have to go to the Giants Glade. But it’s not safe there..

Stories told while only some listen - Odd Friends by Kira Bang-Olsson

The creature continues to tell the girl things she’s read of and more, things that both frighten and excite her. We would have to leave at dusk, the creature explains, casting a glance at the rabbit who’s distracted by a withered dandelion. We have to be quiet. They can’t see us, let alone touch us. Then we’d be caught in their darkness.


The Giants - Odd Friends by Kira Bang-Olsson

Later that night, on a small bank surrounded by trees, they lie quietly watching the strange dance of the woodland giants. A curious musical noise is coming from the clearing.
The sight is both beautiful and loomingly haunting.
All of a sudden, a crackling above breaks the silence – They all look to the sky. Flapping his wings hastily, the crow is circling hastily above their heads. He caws: Move – you’re in danger!
The warning - Odd Friends by Kira Bang-Olsson